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Fall Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Boat in Top Shape

As fall nears its end, it's important that you start performing maintenance on your boat to prepare it for winter storage.

Take Care of the Fluids

Taking care of your boat's fluids is an important step in its fall maintenance schedule. Although you may not get a lot of use out of your boat during what's left of the fall season, replacing old fluids will help ensure your boat is well protected while it's in storage over the winter. Many of the fluids you replace will also help your boat be ready for the water once spring arrives.

Replace Old Coolant

Coolant helps your engine stay cool while your boat is being used over the spring and summer. During the colder months of the year, this same fluid helps prevent the opposite, which is why it is also known as antifreeze. Before putting your boat away for storage later this season, be sure to drain your boat's old coolant and flush it with water. Once you have done this, replace the old coolant with fresh coolant. Remember that some manufacturers recommend using a blend of coolant and water. Whatever their specifications are on mixing or on the type of coolant you should be using, be sure to follow their instructions carefully for the best results. Doing so will help ensure your boat is protected from corrosion and will prevent your engine from freezing during your boat's winter in storage.

Fill up Your Fuel Tank

As you prepare your boat for storage you may think your boat will be fine without fuel, but this isn't quite true. Although your boat won't see much action after fall, it will be much better off with a full fuel tank while in storage. A fuel tank that is low or empty will allow condensation to form on its walls while not in use. This condensation can lead to rust and corrosion inside of your fuel tank. Not only will this damage need to be repaired, if it mixes in with your fuel it can cause damage in other parts of the fuel system. To prevent this from happening, simply fill up your tank before putting your boat away. You can also pick up a fuel stabilizer and mix it into your full tank in order to ensure your fuel will be usable in the spring.

Give Your Boat a Synthetic Oil Change

After a long boating season you may be surprised to find that water and other acids have made their way into your boat's oil. To prevent these contaminants from causing engine damage and corrosion, be sure to replace your boat's oil before storing it. Flush your boat's old oil and replace the oil filter. When looking for the best oil for your boat's engine, consider an AMSOIL Synthetic Marine Motor Oil. One of the many benefits of using a synthetic oil is it's ability to resist freezing in subzero temperatures, ensuring that your engine stays protected in all conditions. If you're not sure what synthetic oil is best for your boat, contact ALF Marketing in Hagerstown at (301) 416-0575 to get expert advice. Don't forget to stop by their online shop where there is a full range of AMSOIL Oil products available.

Prepare It for Storage

As late fall approaches, it's important that you start preparing to store your boat in the upcoming season.

Find the Perfect Storage Space

Start by deciding where you will store your boat this winter. Smaller boats are easily stored at home in the driveway or even in your yard. This option is popular because not only is it convenient, it is also the most cost efficient option. Larger boats that are harder to transport may be better off in a marina or an offsite storage space. This will all depend on the material your boat is made of and how large it is. Do your research ahead of time and reserve a spot for your boat now before you run out of time.

Wash Your Boat

Before putting your boat away for the winter, be sure to give it a thorough wash. Scrubbing down your boat's exterior will help you remove built on grime and marine growth that can be corrosive. Wax your boat to give it an extra layer of protection over the winter. Don't forget to also clean the inside of your boat and remove items that may be damaged while it's stored for the winter. If your boat is being stored outdoors, remove electronic items and items made of organic materials, such as fabric seat cushions, because these can be damaged by the outdoor elements.

Cover Your Boat

Lastly, invest in a boat cover to keep your boat protected. Look for a cover made specifically for your boat's model in order to ensure it fits perfectly. If you can't find one made for your model, just be sure the one you do use fits snuggly but also allows proper ventilation.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Hagerstown

To find the best synthetic oil for your boat, contact ALF Marketing at (301) 416-0575. Don't forget that you can browse their full selection of AMSOIL Oil products or place an order in their online shop.

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