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Pre-Road Trip Checklist

Whenever you are planning to go on a road trip, it's always best to take every possible precaution so that you have a safe journey and a safe return. In this article ALF Marketing covers some points that you should keep in mind for your upcoming trip, and which can make all the difference.

Notify Somebody About Your Trip

Once you have made your itinerary for the road trip, let somebody know where you will be going and for how long, so that they know where you are and where to locate you if for some reason you don't show up on the date you said you would return.

Check Your Car

Verify the state of your car before hitting the road, including tires, oil and antifreeze levels, refrigerant, headlights and taillights, and if you haven't already, get car insurance.

Bring the Proper Gear

You will want to know what to carry with you on the road trip so as not to experience any inconveniences, or at least not ones that you can prevent. If it's summer, get a proper light wardrobe, sunblocker and lots of water, for instance, and if it's winter, layer up, wear boots for walking in the snow and have blankets handy.

Obey the Rules

Pay attention to the surface of the pavement, keep a reasonable distance from other vehicles, follow the road indications and drive prudently.

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