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How to Protect Your Car From Sun Damage

Just as the sun can damage our skin and cause serious consequences to our health if we aren't careful, this kind of radiation can also harm our car in time. As you can imagine, you should also take some preventive measures if you want to keep your vehicle from getting sun damage. Besides parking in the shade, ALF Marketing in Frederick, MD suggests the below tips to keep your car in optimum condition regardless of the sun.


When dealing with hot weather, keep your cooling system in top shape: this includes making sure the belts and hoses work, that the air filters aren't clogged, that the coolant level and transmission fluids are adequate and, most importantly, that the engine oil, your car's lifeblood, is good; defective maintenance can translate into engine overheating.


Sun rays can discolorate the interior of your car, hence why using a windshield and seat covers is a good idea. If you have leather seats, use leather conditioner to moisturize them. Lastly, wipe the dash, the center console and other places where dust can settle to avoid the sun potentially creating a film of particles that is next to impossible to get rid of.


Under normal circumstances, your tires have to put up with a lot (such as the vehicle's weight and the friction with the road) to get you to your destination effectively. However, the heat can accelerate their wear and damage them. Not only that, but hot weather elevates tire pressure, so take the air pressure in the morning, when they are still cool.

Wax and Wash by Hand

Car wax protects you car paint's natural oils and locks them in; it's advisable to do it every season. Also, when washing your car don't let the air dry it off, because water can have minerals that can harm the paint; wipe it yourself to remove the water.

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Synthetic oil handles extreme temperatures better than mineral oil; therefore, come to ALF Marketing, your Authorized Dealer of AMSOIL Oil in Frederick, MD, if you'd like to get the most out of your car, even when the temperatures are extreme outside. Not only that, but you should know that AMSOIL's wide variety of high-quality products can help maintain your vehicle in top shape and may even affect their performance and their life expectancy in a positive way. Contact us online or dial (301) 416-0575 to speak to John Doyle if you require assistance regarding our full range of products, including the best synthetic oil in Frederick, MD in the market!  

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