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This post can help you learn the basic steps of dirt bike maintenance, including the importance of using a synthetic oil, like AMSOIL's 10W-40 Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil, to ensure your engine gets the best protection.

Use These Tips to Keep Your Motorcycle in Top Shape All Year

Keep your dirt bike in top shape with these simple maintenance tasks that can make a huge difference.

Keep It Clean

After a fun day on the track, the first thing you probably want to do is relax. While you should take some time to rest and get some of your energy back, don't let this prevent you from taking care of your bike. If the track you were riding on was very dusty or muddy, your dirt bike probably shows clear signs of it. To keep your bike at its best, gather your energy and give it a good wash. You want to use some gentle brushes and soapy water to get any corrosive substances off of your ride. If some areas are quite muddy, it may be easier to remove the mud once it has dried. If you choose to let it dry, you can put off cleaning it until the next day, but don't leave it dirty for longer. Check out AMSOIL's Miracle Wash Waterless Wash and Wax Spray for all of your cleaning needs.

Always Make Time for Inspections

Part of the importance of washing your dirt bike after a ride is that it allows you to inspect its components much more easily. This should ideally be done after every ride in order to ensure your bike is in good condition or so that you can take the proper steps to prepare it before your next day on the track. Once your bike is clean and dry, give it a thorough body inspection and look out for areas that need work. This is the ideal time to look for leaks, damage, and loose parts. By taking care of issues now, you can be sure your bike will be ready for use the next time you feel like taking it out for a spin.

Change the Oil

Changing the oil in your dirt bike is just as important as changing your car's oil, if not more. Dirt bike's often require changes more often because of the conditions they are used in. With that said, however, change intervals will depend on a number of variables, including how often you ride it, the conditions it's used in, and your manufacturer's recommendations. To decide how often to change your oil and what type of oil to use, consult your owner's manual. With that said, keep in mind that your dirt bike's engine will be better protected with a synthetic dirt bike oil. Click here to find a full range of AMSOIL's quality synthetic dirt bike oils, which are sure to keep your engine stronger, cleaner, and healthier for longer. Finding the right products for your dirt bike may be a bit of a challenge. If you need help finding the perfect synthetic dirt bike oil or any other product for your dirt bike, don't hesitate to contact the experts at ALF Marketing. Give them a call at (301) 416-0575 to get the best recommendations. Be sure to stop by their online shop where you can find a full range of the best AMSOIL products for your dirt bike.

Keep the Tires Properly Inflated

The condition of your tires will make a big difference while you're out on the track. To keep you safe, it's very important that you keep your tires at their proper air pressure level and that you ensure they're still in good riding condition. After a ride, your tires may be at a lower pressure level than is recommended. Fill them back up to the right air pressure and double check it right before heading back out on the track. After washing your bike, inspect the tires for cracks, punctures, and wear. Avoid using tires that are no longer in great condition so that you can avoid accidents that can cut your riding time short.

The Importance of Fluids

Your dirt bike's oil isn't the only fluid you should pay attention to. A series of fluids is responsible for keeping your dirt bike going and keeping it in great shape. Because brake fluid tends to absorb moisture, it's important that you keep an eye on it so that you can replace it and keep your brakes in proper shape. Your machine's coolant is responsible for keeping temperatures at a reasonable level so that it doesn't overheat. If you're riding in very hot temperatures or in very sandy or dusty conditions, your coolant will be extremely important. When inspecting these fluids, you should check their condition and their level. Even though it may not be time to replace a fluid, you may need to top it off. Stay on top of these and the rest of your bike's fluids for a smooth and safe ride. For even more dirt bike tips, check out this useful information from AMSOIL.

Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil in Chambersburg

Keep your dirt bike in great shape all year by staying on top of necessary maintenance tasks. Be sure to always treat it to synthetic oil whenever it requires a change. To find the perfect oil for your model, contact ALF Marketing for expert recommendations. Call them at (301) 416-0575 or visit their online shop to learn more about their products.

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