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Keep you car in the best shape this summer and avoid these all too common summer car troubles.

Common Summer Car Problems

Car trouble can strike at any time, but there are some issues that are more common during the summer months. The summer heat and other road issues can lead to an increase in these occurrences. To learn more about these car issues and how to prevent them, continue reading.

Dead or Dying Battery

Harsh, freezing winters are known to have a negative affect on car batteries, but did you know that the summer heat can cause more damage? The heat and the humidity that are all too common during the summer can spell real trouble for your battery. The heat can add extra strain, which can ultimately lead to a shorter battery life. Along with that, it can also contribute to evaporating battery fluid. The humidity, on the other hand, can lead to corrosion around your battery and its connections. If your battery is already old, the summer can stop it dead in its tracks. To avoid getting stranded during a road trip, know when to change your battery. Most batteries will need to be changed every three to five years. If you're not sure how old your battery is, look for other indicators that signal your battery is on its way out. If you've been experiencing rough starts or have needed to jumpstart your car, it may be time to invest in a new battery. If you're not sure how much power is left in yours, ask you mechanic to perform a volt test. This will give you clearer idea of how much life is still left in your battery.

Overheating Engine

Engines can overheat during any time of the year. Contrary to popular belief, your engine won't overheat simply because it's hot outside. The heat combined with an already existing issue in your cooling system is what is likely to cause more issues in the summer. Think of your engine as if it were a body in the heat. In order to stay hydrated and cool your body needs water. In the same way, your engine relies on its coolant and cooling system to keep things at a manageable temperature under the hood. To ensure things stay at the proper temperature, keep an eye on your fluids, especially your coolant. If you notice your coolant level is dropping constantly, you may have a leak that needs fixing. Other issues may include a broken fan, radiator issues, or even issues with the belts. Consider getting tune up before the real heat starts. Also, look out for smoke coming out from under your hood and don't ignore any indicators that light up in your dashboard! To keep your engine running cool, be sure to also keep tabs on your motor oil. Keeping your engine cool is just one of the many functions your motor oil performs. To keep your engine at its best, get a synthetic oil change in Hagerstown.  To learn more about the benefits of synthetic oil, contact the oil experts at ALF MarketingCall them at (301) 416-0575 to get product recommendations for products like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil.

Air Conditioning Problems

Air conditioning may sound like a luxury and something that shouldn't be too high on the list of concerns, but the truth is that it is more than a luxury. During the summer, temperatures can reach dangerous highs, making your air conditioning a must. Keep yourself and your passengers safe by ensuring your air conditioning is working properly. Not only will it save you from issues caused by the heat, like heat stroke, it can also help you save on fuel. Rolling down your windows isn't always going to be the best option to reduce fuel consumption. In fact, your air conditioning may be your best option in certain situations. A good way to ensure your air conditioning works well through the season is by visiting your mechanic early on in the summer or even before the summer. Get a tune up and get your air conditioning system inspected for issues that can cause problems in the future. Have the electrical components checked and be sure you still have plenty of refrigeration fluid to make it through the season.

It's Time for a Synthetic Oil Change in Hagerstown

Don't go an entire summer without getting a synthetic oil change in Hagerstown. To find the best oil for your engine, contact the oil experts at ALF MarketingGive them a call at (301) 416-0575 or stop by their online shop to browse their full range of products.

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