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Before deciding to buy a motorcycle, be sure you understand some of the basics. Use these tips when figuring out what type of motorcycle suits you best.

Tips to Help You Choose Your Perfect Motorcycle

Before you choose your first motorcycle, take your time deciding which model is ideal for you. There are plenty of models to choose from, each with their own purpose. To help you figure it out, check out these tips.

Different Types of Motorcycles

To know what type of motorcycle to purchase start by asking yourself what type of use you want it for. Not all motorcycles are made for everyday use just like not all can be used on dirt roads. Once this is clear, take your research a step further and get to know the different functions offered by different makes and models. Get started with this basic information.

Street Motorcycles

If you plan to ride your motorcycle on paved roads, your best option is a street motorcycle. These types of motorcycles include tires with a light tread pattern that are ideal for city riding. Under this category you will find other subcategories that break down street motorcycles into more specific uses. These are the main types: Standard motorcycles: Standard motorcycles may be a bit limited in terms of the bells and whistles they offer, but don't let this deter you. These bikes are great for doing a bit of everything and won't actually limit you. They come in different sizes and offer different horsepower depending on the model you choose. Touring bikes: Planning to take a road? A touring bike is the perfect option for this thanks to the storage space they provide, their comfortable seating, and other features that make the open road a dream. Turn on the stereo and sit back on a days or even weeks long road trip. For beginners, its larger size and heaviness may make it harder to maneuver, but a bit of practice is all it takes. Sport touring bikes: If you're looking for something sporty but that is a bit more comfortable and practical, a sport touring bike is a great option. These motorcycles hold onto the the sleek look of a sport bike but are more practical for the road. In general terms, they're a great mix between touring bikes and sport bikes. Sport bikes: Those who have a need for speed tend to opt for sport bikes. These motorcycles are fast and quite flashy, so they require some practice before you're ready to hit the open road. Sport bikes can be uncomfortable for new riders not only because they can reach extreme speeds, but also because they require the rider to lean forward as they ride. Cruisers: Cruisers are a popular option because they have a classic and cool look that'll definitely attract attention on the road. These motorcycles are often custom made so they tend to require quite an investment. For new riders, they may be a bit uncomfortable due to their awkward riding position and bulky size.

Off-Road Bikes

Riders looking for adventure as opposed to an everyday use bike may get more use out of an off-road bike. If you're not sure what these are think of a dirt bike. These bikes are made to be ridden on unpaved roads, such as dirt roads and even grass. Their body is more rugged and the suspension can take the unpredictability of dirt roads. No matter what type of motorcycle you decide on, there's no question when it comes to deciding what type of oil to use in it. Invest in a synthetic oil change in Hagerstown to keep your motorcycle at its best for longer. Contact ALF Marketing at (301) 416-0575 to learn all about the products they offer. You can also browse their full range of AMSOIL Oil products in their online shop.

Dual Purpose Bikes

Dual purpose bikes are ideal for those who are looking for a street legal bike that can also give them the excitement of an off-road bike. They can be used for recreational trail riding but include features that make them rideable on city streets. Their horn, headlights, turn signals, and mirrors make them safe to use on the street.


Scooters may get some slack because they don't look as cool as other types of bikes, but they are actually a great option for some. They're perfect for beginners because of their comfortable riding position and safe speeds. They may be able to reach highways speeds but they're great for riding on city streets. Another benefit is the great gas mileage they get.

Tips for Motorcycle Beginners

Most new riders feel more comfortable with lighter motorcycles that aren't as bulky because they're easier to maneuver. No matter what type of motorcycle you choose, be sure you can comfortably put both feet on the ground quickly. This will ensure you're safer while out riding. Also, don't be afraid to start off with a lightly used motorcycle. This is a great way to build up your skills and knowledge before making a big investment. Finally, make the necessary adjustments so that your motorcycle is comfortable.

Synthetic Oil Change for Motorcycles in Hagerstown

Once you have your new ride, don't forget to keep its engine at its best with regular synthetic oil changes. The oil pros at ALF Marketing can help you find the perfect products for your motorcycle. For the personalized service you need, call them at (301) 416-0575. They can recommend products like AMSOIL's products like their 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil.

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