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Protect Your Vehicle From Extreme Conditions This Summer

The hot summer conditions that are expected this season can really take a toll on your car's health. To keep it protected against harsh summer conditions, follow these tips from ALF Marketing in Hagerstown.

Check Your Battery

Most people think batteries are more prone to dying out in the winter because of freezing temperatures, but the summer can be just as harsh. High outdoor temperatures can cause your battery to become weaker, and the additional use of your air conditioning and cooling fans put it under even more strain. To avoid getting stranded due to a dead battery, have it tested or replaced. Batteries generally last three to five years, so if your battery is nearing that mark, a replacement is ideal. If you're not sure how old your battery is, have it tested by a professional.

Fill Up On Coolant

Coolant is an essential summer fluid that should be checked on and topped off regularly. High temperatures outside and under your hood can cause your engine to heat up and even overheat. To avoid the damage caused by this, ensure your vehicle is properly equipped with enough coolant. At the start of the season, check your coolant reservoir in order to ensure you have enough coolant and that it's in good condition. You don't have to flush it and replace it all the time, once every two years is usually enough.

Check Belts and Hoses

Belts and hoses are often overlooked when taking care of maintenance. While you're checking on your fluids this summer, stop to also check your belts and hoses. Cracked, dry, or soft belts and hoses should be replaced before they have a chance to cause damage. Remember that even if you have the proper amount of fluids in your car, a leaky or clogged hose can stop these fluids from doing their job. If your belts and hoses are over seven years old, it's very important that you inspect them for damage.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change

If you're scheduling your next oil change soon, make it a synthetic oil change. The summer heat can really take a toll on your engine, so keep it better protected by treating it to a synthetic oil change. Conventional oil can evaporate and lose its viscosity during the summer months. This means your engine will lose protection and may suffer from avoidable wear. To keep your engine protected, clean, and lubricated, trust a synthetic oil to do the job right. Not only will you engine fare better, but you can also save money at the pump since synthetic oil can help increase your fuel economy. Before scheduling your next oil change, be sure it's a full synthetic oil change in Hagerstown. To find the best synthetic oil for your vehicle, contact ALF Marketing in Hagerstown at (301) 416-0575. We can help you find the best AMSOIL synthetic oil and accessories for all your engines. Be sure to check out our online shop for a full range of AMSOIL Oil and other products for your vehicle.

Check Your Tires

The hot summer temperatures can cause much more than discomfort. Your tires can actually suffer an increase in their air pressure as a result of higher outdoor temperatures. To ensure your tires maintain their recommended air pressure, check your tires monthly. Allowing your tires to work while their pressure is too high can reduce your fuel economy as well as lead to dangerous blowouts. Cracks and other issues in your tires can also worsen as a result of increased tire pressure.

Protect Your Car From the Sun

The sun's rays in the summer can be extremely harsh. Protect your vehicle from the damage they cause by avoiding the sun as much as possible. Park your car in a covered area and look for shady parking spots while out running errands. To protect your car's paint job, wash it regularly and give it a protective coat of wax. Your car will look more aesthetically appealing while also being better protected against the sun's harsh rays.

The Best Synthetic Oil Change Near Me in Hagerstown

Rely on a synthetic oil change in Hagerstown to provide your vehicle with the best protection this summer. To find the best synthetic oil for your vehicle, contact ALF Marketing in Hagerstown. Check out the full range of AMSOIL products available on our online shop. Give us a call at (301) 416-0575 for more information about our products or to place an order.

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