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Although we haven't yet reached the coldest of temperatures this year, this doesn't mean you should ignore them until they arrive. In fact, now is the perfect time to start preparing your motorcycle for the cold season.

Tips to Help You Continue Riding Your Motorcycle in Cold Weather

Most motorcyclists love their motorcycle so much that they dread having to put it away for the winter. Unless conditions are going to be unbearable on the road, you don't necessarily have to store your motorcycle. In fact, with the proper preparation you can continue to cruise on your motorcycle on most cold winter days. Use these tips to start preparing yourself and your bike for these freezing temperatures.

Be Prepared With the Correct Riding Gear

As a motorcyclist, you know better than anyone else just how important wearing the proper gear is. As temperatures slowly decline, your gear should shift along with them. This means that as the road gets colder, your gear should be able to keep you warm. There are some basics that you should never go without, such as a helmet with eye protection, gloves, long sleeves, long pants, and boots. During the winter, make the proper adjustments for your rides. This may include heated gear, a neck warmer, and rainproof clothing. Keep in mind that the more comfortable you are, the safer your ride will be.

Properly Prepare Your Motorcycle

Buying the proper gear to keep yourself safe on the road is only part of the process. You also have to ensure that your motorcycle is in good enough shape to take on the winter roads. To start, check on your motorcycle's fluids. Be sure you always have plenty of fuel to make it to your destination and back. You definitely don't want to get stranded and have to wait in the cold for help. Next, take a look at your anti-freeze. You should have plenty of it left and it should still be in good shape. While you're at it, inspect the hoses in your cooling system so that you're sure there are no leaks. If you're expecting subzero temperatures, you will also have to use the proper anti-freeze blend that won't freeze. Finally, be sure to check on your motor oil. If your oil is ready to be changed, now is the perfect time to switch over to a synthetic oil. Synthetic motorcycle oil is ideal during the colder months of the year because it's able to hold onto its viscosity and fluidity even when temperatures reach their lowest point. This means your engine will stay better protected even on cold starts.

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Know What to Do About Cold Tires

Cold exterior temperatures and a frozen road can both take a toll on your tires' performance. Tires can become overinflated when exposed to hot temperatures, which means the opposite can occur in the cold. Because of this, be sure to check on your tire pressure often. You may find that you will need to inflate your tires a bit every so often in order to keep them at the correct air pressure. The proper pressure will give you better traction, which is very important this season because the roads can become quite slick due to rain and snow. If you want to warm your tires up a bit before taking off, the best way to do this is by accelerating and then stopping. Just be sure to do this in a safe area away from other vehicles.

Before taking your motorcycle out for a spin this winter, be sure it's prepared for the cold with a synthetic oil change. Find the perfect AMSOIL synthetic oil  for your motorcycle by contacting ALF Marketing at (301) 416-0575. To browse their full range of products, stop by their online shop.

Look out for Road Dangers

As the weather changes, so will the conditions on the road. During the fall and winter seasons, you may have to look out for more road dangers so it's vital that you stay alert. As the leaves pile up on the road and the rain makes things slicker, it's best to slow down to prevent slipping and sliding. Keep your eyes peeled for ice patches, especially black ice which can be very hard to detect. Slow down and avoid riding in dangerous conditions. If possible, leave your motorcycle at home during storms or if you're expecting rain.

Keep Your Motorcycle Clean

Washing your motorcycle may seem like it's all about aesthetics, but it's actually necessary in order to keep your motorcycle in the best shape. Wash your motorcycle often to remove built-up grime that can be corrosive, especially if you ever ride through areas with road salt. After washing it, be sure to dry it completely to prevent water marks and rust from forming on its body. Finish it off with a new layer of wax that will protect your motorcycle from corrosive substances.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change

If you're looking forward to riding your motorcycle this winter, be sure it's ready for the cold by giving it a synthetic oil change. Contact the oil experts at ALF Marketing by calling (301) 416-0575. They can give you personalized attention and even recommend products like AMSOIL's 15W-60 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil, made with special anti-rust agents that will keep your engine rust free all winter.

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