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How to Improve Your Fuel Efficiency This Winter in Hagerstown

The winter months can really take a toll on your vehicle. Stormy weather, slick roads and cold temperatures combined can cause some serious issues for your car. If you notice a decrease in your vehicle's fuel efficiency this winter, you're not alone. Because this issue is quite common, ALF Marketing in Hagerstown has put together some tips to help you combat it.

Causes of Decreased Fuel Efficiency in the Winter

Before we get started on how to increase your winter fuel efficiency, get to know some of the main causes behind this issue.

Greater Friction in Your Engine

Your engine does a lot of work to keep your car going all year long. During the cold winter months, however, this work may become even heavier. The freezing temperatures can cause an increase of friction in your engine, causing it to work harder. One of the reasons the friction increases in your engine is because the cold temperatures can cause your fluids to thicken up and have a harder time flowing. Check on your fluids often and make the change to a weather grade wherever necessary.

The Use of Winter Accessories

The cold temperatures don't only affect your engine, they also affect you. The use of your heater, defroster and other warming accessories all require the use of extra fuel. The shorter days may also cause you lose more fuel as you use your headlights more often. Although your gas mileage may suffer as a result, don't put your safety in danger by neglecting to use the necessary winter accessories while on the road.

Winter Road and Driving Conditions

Winter storms and the road conditions they create are another factor behind your decreasing fuel efficiency. Snow, ice and puddles on the road can cause a decrease in traction and therefore, a decrease in gas mileage. Accidents on the road or blocked roadways can lead to backups and stop-and-go traffic. All of these conditions force your car to idle on the road and burn more fuel. Before changing your vehicle's oil, consider using a synthetic oil in Hagerstown. Contact ALF Marketing in Hagerstown at (301) 416-0575 and we can help you find the best synthetic oil for your car! Don't forget to check out our online shop full of the best AMSOIL Oil products for your vehicle!

How to Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

There are several possible solutions to your fuel efficiency woes this winter. While their impact may seem minor, all together they can help you conserve fuel and save at the pump.

Where You Park Matters

Parking your vehicle in an indoor heated space can make a difference in your fuel efficiency. By keeping your engine and motor oil closer to their recommended operating temperature, you will help them perform better with less strain as you start your car. Your vehicle will warm up faster than if it were stored outdoors in the cold. The rest of the fluids in your vehicle may also benefit from being stored in a warm environment. The warmer temperatures will ensure better fluidity and reduced friction.

Reduce Engine Idling

Although many vehicle owners believe idling their engine is necessary to ensure better engine performance, this is simply a myth. Newer engines warm up better and faster as you drive, not as they sit idle in your driveway. If you allow your engine to idle for more than 10 seconds, you may actually be causing damage to it. Instead, scrape away any ice on your windshield before getting in your car and start driving away slowly to allow your car to warm up.

Remove Your Roof Rack

The winter is a great time for a family trip to the snow or to visit relatives. If you use a roof rack to transport your items, be sure to remove it as soon as you no longer need it. By keeping this unnecessary item strapped to the top of your car, you are creating greater wind resistance and drag that will cause a decrease in fuel efficiency. The best thing you can do is remove it as soon as you get back from your trip.

Use the Right Oil for Your Vehicle

The cold winter temperatures can cause conventional oils to thicken up and lose their fluidity. What this means for your engine is decreased protection and an increase in friction. To avoid these issues, make the change to a full synthetic oil this winter. A great benefit of synthetic oil is its ability to maintain its fluidity and viscosity in all temperatures. Your synthetic oil won't struggle to protect your engine on cold starts and will help increase your gas mileage all winter long.

Synthetic Oil Change Near Me in Hagerstown

Before changing your vehicle's oil this winter, consider the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Hagerstown. For the best synthetic oilcheck out ALF Marketing in Hagerstown. We can help you find the best AMSOIL Oil products for your vehicle. Stop by our online shop for the best AMSOIL products. Give us a call at (301) 416-0575 for more information or to place an order.

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