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Your cooling system is always hard at work to ensure your engine doesn't overheat. If a problem develops in your cooling system, this can lead to real trouble. To detect an issue, use these tips.

Signs of a Cooling System Problem

Your car relies on tons of tiny moving parts to keep its systems working efficiently. When there's an issue in any of these systems, it can mean trouble for your entire car. Your car's cooling system is always hard at work to ensure temperatures under the hood stay at their proper levels. An issue here can cause temperatures to rise and put your engine in serious danger. To detect a cooling system before it puts your car at risk for serious damage, know what to look out for.

Your Coolant Light Has Turned On

If you notice that your coolant light has lit up on your dashboard, definitely don't ignore this! This is the most obvious sign that there is trouble in your cooling system and ignoring it can only make it worse. When this light turns on, it's basically your car letting you know that you're running low on coolant. This can be due to a leak or other issues in your cooling system. If you continue to drive like this you risk having your engine overheat which can be very expensive to fix.

Steam Coming out of Your Hood

If you notice steam coming out from under your hood, this is a serious cause for concern. Steam seeping out from under your hood often means that your engine is well on its way to overheating, which is not ideal at all. As soon as you notice this happening, pull over and turn off your engine. Allow your car to cool down before opening your hood since it can be hot to the touch. Keep your hood open until your engine cools down completely. You may just be running low on coolant, but it's super important that you let everything cool down completely before touching anything. If you are just running low on coolant, don't just top it off. You may have a leak or another issue that is causing your car to lose coolant quickly.

Your Antifreeze Is Leaking

If you suspect you have a coolant leak, there are a few ways to tell for sure. One easy way to detect a leak is to check under your car for a pool or even just drops of coolant. Look for a bright green liquid that can often also have a somewhat sweet smell. Your coolant may also be leaking and pooling under your hood, so pop open the hood and look for green liquid under there. Your car's antifreeze isn't the only fluid you should keep an eye on. In fact, your car's oil will also need some attention every so often. To keep your engine working smoothly, invest in synthetic oil changes in Hagerstown. The oil pros at ALF Marketing can recommend products like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil to keep your car working at its best. Give them a call at (301) 416-0575 to learn more.

Low Levels of Coolant

Whether you have a leak or your coolant is just old and running low, not having enough of it in your cooling system can be an issue. It's a good idea to check on it often just to be sure it's not disappearing faster than normal. If you do notice that you're constantly low, this is a good reason to visit your mechanic. Since different things can be behind this, you're better off getting the entire system checked out.

Higher Engine Temperature Than Normal

If there is a problem in your cooling system, this will often lead to temperatures under the hood reaching higher than normal. If your temperature gauge is getting close to the right side than normal, you'll want to check that everything is ok. A leak, a malfunctioning fan, a blocked radiator, and tons of other minor issues can be the cause of the rise in temperatures. Of course, you'll have to inspect the cooling system to identify the issue effectively.

Keep Your Engine Protected With a Synthetic Oil Change in Hagerstown

If one of your goals is to take better care of your car this year, start by giving it regular synthetic oil changes in Hagerstown. This can help ensure your car runs more smoothly, helping to keep other systems working properly. To learn more about the benefits of synthetic oil, contact ALF Marketing at (301) 416-0575. You can also check out their full range of products in their online shop.

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