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For motorcyclists, the road may be more dangerous than it is for other drivers. These are the biggest road dangers motorcyclists should look out for.

Road Dangers Motorcyclists Need to Look out For

If you're an experienced motorcyclist, you know just how dangerous the road can be for a beginner. Because motorcycles offer less protection than a car, it's important for motorcyclists to stay alert and know what to look out for. Use these tips to stay safe on the road.

Oncoming Traffic

City streets often include roads without center dividers. Unfortunately, these can pose a serious risk for everyone on the road, but especially for motorcyclists. All it takes is a distracted driver to slightly swerve out of their lane to cause a very dangerous situation. Even if you don't get hit by oncoming traffic, simply getting clipped is enough to throw you off and cause you to go down. If you have to swerve suddenly to avoid hitting a driver encroaching on your lane, this can also result in trouble. If you're driving on these types of streets, the best thing you can do is ride defensively, scan ahead, and be prepared for everything.

Turning Vehicles

Turning vehicles or intersections can become dangerous for motorcyclists for a number of reasons. Drivers carelessly making unprotected left hand turns or those who are distracted may be less likely to see a motorcycle coming down the road. Do your best to scan the road ahead and be prepared for drivers who may not see you. Drivers who make sudden turns put everyone at risk of crashing, but since motorcyclists have less protection, these sudden turns are that much more dangerous for them. To avoid any accidents, increase your following distance and stay alert.

Sudden Braking

Just like sudden turns, sudden braking can cause a tricky situation for motorcyclists. When a car suddenly slams on its brakes, it's always a stressful situation for whoever is following them. For motorcyclists, this can be worse because braking isn't as simple as slamming on the brakes. Your front brake provides most of your stopping power, so braking suddenly isn't a great idea. Doing so can cause the front wheel to lock resulting in you being thrown off of your motorcycle. Anti-lock brakes can help in these situations as can practice and experience.

Inclement Weather

When the weather gets difficult, this is bad news for everyone on the road. Unfortunately for motorcyclists, the lack of a structure around them means they are more exposed to the elements. Rainy or snowy days can leave motorcyclists cold, wet, and unhappy. Combined with the slick roads and reduced visibility, it's not hard to see why the weather can make conditions dangerous. To keep the dangers to a minimum, be sure to carry rain gear just in case. Avoid riding during storms and if you get caught in one, consider pulling over until it subsides. To help you stay safe on the road, be sure you keep up with motorcycle maintenance. To start, give your motorcycle a synthetic oil change in Hagerstown. To find the perfect oil for you bike, contact ALF Marketing at (301) 416-0575. You can also browse their full range of AMSOIL Oil products in their online shop.

Debris on the Road

Even if you're an experienced motorcyclist, certain road conditions can make riding tricky. You may have the art of turning mastered, but if their is gravel on the road, this can still be a challenge. Loose objects like twigs, gravel, and even road kill can all make the road more difficult to take on. This type of debris can cause your tires to lose their grip and can make your bike perform unpredictably. If you find yourself driving over debris, slow down and ride at a speed that feels safe, especially when turning.

Riding Too Fast

Everyone likes a bit of speed, but being smart about where you use that speed is the key staying safe. Riding at higher speeds on straightaways is usually fine, but don't try to take a turn at a high speed. New riders tend to make the mistake of taking turns at high speeds, which can result in disaster. The best thing you can do is slow down and figure out how to safely take turns at the right speed.

Synthetic Oil Change for Motorcycles in Hagerstown

Not keeping your motorcycle maintained can also put you and your ride in danger. One of the most important things your motorcycle will need is a synthetic oil change in order to stay in good shape. The oil experts at ALF Marketing can help you find the perfect products to keep your ride in top shape. Give them a call at (301) 416-0575 to learn about their AMSOIL Oil products, like their 20W-40 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil.

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