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Take Your Motorcycle out of Storage and Prepare It For Spring in Chambersburg

For those who have suffered through a long and cold winter, we have some great news! Spring is finally here! For motorcycle riders who stored their motorcycle over the winter, this is especially great news. As we get closer to warmer weather and optimal riding conditions, it's finally time to bring your motorcycle out of storage. ALF Marketing in Chambersburg has some useful tips to help you get the most out of your motorcycle this spring.

Inspect Your Tires

Because your motorcycle's tires are such an important factor when it comes to safety, it is super important that you properly inspect them and prepare them for your first ride of the season. The cold temperatures during the winter are known to cause tires to lose air pressure. Start by checking your tire's air pressure and adjusting it until it's just right. Once your tires are properly inflated, give them a thorough inspection, checking for cracks, punctures, and bald spots. Keep in mind that these issues will be more visible when your tires are properly inflated. Next, check your tire tread for wear. If the wear bars are showing at tread level it's a good idea to get new tires. Lastly, check the spokes and tighten any that have come loose. If you aren't sure how to do this, a motorcycle technician can do it for you and even teach you how.

Check on Your Fluids

Your motorcycle's fluids are extremely important factors that help your bike perform well and keep vital components well protected. Using old or dirty fluids will be detrimental to your motorcycle and running out of fluids can be even worse. To prevent damage caused by old fluids or lack of fluids take the time to check on them. Inspect the floor around your motorcycle for puddles that may indicate there is a leak somewhere. Antifreeze or coolant tends to breakdown quite easily. Consider flushing the old coolant and replacing it in the spring. Remember that coolant is essential during the hottest months of the year. Brake fluid absorbs moisture easily which causes it to break down quickly. If you suspect there was a lot of moisture around your motorcycle this winter, consider replacing it before taking your motorcycle out for a spin. Lastly, check on your motorcycle's oil. If your oil is dirty, now is the time to replace it along with the oil filter. As you prepare to change your motorcycle's oil for spring, don't forget that using a synthetic oil in Chambersburg has many benefits. Contact ALF Marketing in Chambersburg at (301) 416-0575 to find out how AMSOIL synthetic oil for your motorcycle can benefit both you and your bike. Check out our online shop for a full selection of AMSOIL Oil products for your vehicle!

Charge Up Your Battery

Ideally, your battery should be ready to go as soon as you take your motorcycle out of storage. Your battery should be connected to a trickle charger or be charged every couple weeks while it's in storage in order to ensure it doesn't die out or overcharge. If this isn't the case for you, charge your battery a couple weeks before you plan to take your motorcycle out for its first ride. If your battery won't charge, it likely doesn't work anymore. Keep in mind that most batteries last about five years. As you prepare your battery, check the connections as well. Tighten loose connections and clean areas that have developed rust or grime.

Thoroughly Wash Your Motorcycle

As you prepare your motorcycle for the spring, don't forget to dedicate some time to its appearance. Get your motorcycle nice and shiny so you can show it off on the road. Start by washing your ride to remove all the gunk, buildup and dust the winter may have left behind. Avoid power washing it as this can cause water to pushed into parts where it shouldn't be. Next, dry it thoroughly in order to prevent watermarks and rust from forming. You should also wax your motorcycle for extra shine and protection from the outdoor elements. After washing it, give your motorcycle a thorough full body inspection. Once everything is clean and free of dust, scratches and other issues will be easier to catch and repair. Don't forget to tighten nuts and bolts and replace any bulbs that no longer work.

Synthetic Oil Change Near Me in Chambersburg

Treat your motorcycle to a full synthetic oil change in Chambersburg this spring. To find the best synthetic oil for your vehicle, check out ALF Marketing in Chambersburg. We are happy to help you find the right AMSOIL Oil products for all of your vehicles. Check out our online shop for a full range of AMSOIL products. Call us at (301) 416-0575 for more information or to place an order.

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