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Benefits of Using Synthetic Oil in Halfway

Synthetic oils are quickly becoming a popular choice when it comes to motor oil. These specially designed oils are highly regarded because of their abilities to provide long lasting protection for all types of engines. If you don't know very much about synthetic oilALF Marketing in Halfway can help you get to know some of the most popular reasons to make the switch to a synthetic oil.

Protect Your Engine

All motor oils carry out basic functions that ultimately keep your engine lubricated, clean and protected. When you start your engine, many small metal parts get to work under your hood. To prevent friction and damaging metal-to-metal contact in your engine, your motor oil coats these parts and forms a thin, flowing barrier between the different moving parts. While conventional oils are capable of doing this, synthetic oils are highly regarded for their superior ability to protect your engine. Their ability to keeps parts lubricated and coated more effectively and efficiently over longer periods of time means your engine is better protected and is likely to have a longer life.

Keep Your Engine Clean

As motor oil gets older it tends to lose some of its properties and even change consistency. While it continues to circulate through your engine it can form sludge and leave behind deposits. Conventional oil is more prone to leaving buildup on engines because it contains contaminating elements that facilitate the formation of deposits. The buildup left behind by your oil can make your engine less efficient and ultimately shorten your engine's life. On the other hand, synthetic oil contains less impurities and doesn't have unwanted substances in its formula. They can resist the formation of sludge better, and, therefore, will leave your engine cleaner. A cleaner engine means a more efficient engine with a longer life. If you're interested in making the switch to synthetic oil in Halfway, contact ALF Marketing in Halfway! Give us a call at (301) 416-0575 and we can help you find the best synthetic oil for your vehicle! Don't forget to check out our online shop full of the best AMSOIL products for your vehicle!

Synthetic Oil and Cold Temperatures

Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can negatively affect motor oil. When temperatures drop, conventional oils tend to get thicker and move less fluidly. This can be attributed to the wax conventional oils contain. During the cold winter months your conventional oil will have a harder time flowing through your engine efficiently, especially during cold starts or after your car has been resting for a while. If your oil has a harder time flowing through your engine it can leave vital parts unprotected for short amounts of time.  Luckily, synthetic oil doesn't change form like conventional oil does. Synthetic oil is able to flow fluidly through your engine, keeping its parts well protected even on cold winter days. AMSOIL's Signature Series oils can even give you faster cold starts in cold weather when compared to conventional oils.

Extreme Heat and Synthetic Oil

Extreme heat can also affect your oil's ability to flow and protect your engine. Higher operating temperatures combined with high outdoor temperatures can cause conventional oils to oxidize and boil off. Your conventional oil will also evaporate at a faster rate. This can all cause your oil to disappear faster, leaving more buildup on your engine and leaving parts exposed. Synthetic oil will hold onto its ability to flow and won't evaporate like conventional oil. It will continue to protect your engine as temperatures rise. This can ultimately mean a longer life for your engine.

Protect the Environment

Another added benefit of using a synthetic oil is its positive impact on the environment. Synthetic oil can help your vehicle maximize its fuel economy and create less emissions. Because synthetic oil is able to protect your engine better for longer it also requires oil changes less often. Some synthetic oils even boast the ability to protect your engine for up to 25,000 miles. Since synthetic oils need to be changed less often, you can save money while helping reduce the amount of waste being produced.

Synthetic Oil Change in Halfway

If your car is ready for its next oil change, consider making the switch to synthetic oil. For the best synthetic oil in Halfway, check out ALF Marketing. We can help you find the best AMSOIL products for your specific vehicle. Don't forget to check out our online shop stocked full of the best AMSOIL products. Give us a call at (301) 416-0575 for more information or to place an order.

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